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NxtPractice Beliefs

Sustained success of organizations will depend on their ability to decode and deal with today’s fast changing business ecosystem and create the next set of practices that will build agility and resilience, thus future-proofing the organization.

NXTPractice believes that a well-researched and credible strategy document is a great beginning of the process. But yet, it is only the starting point of the transformational process. The practices that follow in terms of getting the entire organization aligned and the way key elements of the strategy are deployed through goals and executed through agile action plans will make the difference to the eventual success.

NXTPractice believes that successful organizations focus sharply to identify and measure right metrics and create information systems right in the beginning. This ensures that data on actual performance versus goals is available real-time to run the business successfully. This is a significant area that needs a set of next practices.

In today’s world, especially post the pandemic, many people fundamentals are getting challenged – due to changing job roles, need for re-skilling, remote working dynamics and so on. The need for softer skills like ability to work in teams, empathy, and emotional intelligence is more pronounced now than ever. Without doubt, people will continue to be the critical assets of organizations. At NxtPractice, we help organizations in transforming their people practices to remain relevant and at the same time, nurture the core values of people.

These said, everything is not about throwing the old and bringing in the new – be it in elements of culture or business rules. It is about a contextual solution keeping the core values intact. It is about creating and following practices and rituals that will lead to business results.

The partners of NxtPractice have been united in this strong belief. This belief will reflect in our work with clients and the success that will emerge.

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Practice Areas

Strategy for growth

Sustained growth will be borne out of a good corporate strategy that goes beyond visioning exercises. The Strategy should be audacious, developed with relevant data, by all stakeholders working together towards clear milestones to achieve. Measurable results and a clear execution roadmap are critical elements of a well-documented strategy.

NxtPractice will partner with you in developing a well laid out strategy and bring about excellence in execution to take your company to the next level. Identification of key performance areas, strong measurement systems that provide a real-time dashboard, collective reviews on predetermined intervals, corrective actions and close-the-loop report-backs are all fundamental to achieving execution excellence.

NxtPractice recommendations will fully recognize, acknowledge and integrate the existing best practices, cultural elements and successes so that we build on and leverage existing strengths. Our focus will be on growth and not change for change sake.

Board Advisory

Stewards of businesses like Chairman and members of the Board and the CEO collectively create a vision for their organization and set broad goals. Socializing and reinforcing the vision and goals amongst the senior leadership and gaining their acceptance and ownership is a critical success factor shouldered by the CEO.

NxtPractice partners the Board and the CEO in creating the vision and goals as well as in translating these into actionable projects and operational milestones.

In organizations that do not have a regulatory requirement for statutory Board with external director participation, NxtPractice could help set up an Advisory Board and actively participate to bring in an outside-in view. Our Board Advisory services offer a bespoke solution to the client needs in the entire gamut of Board engagement.

Partners of NxtPractice will bring their expertise and experience at Board levels to the access of Owners / Chairman / CEO / MD and help them cause real progress towards the attainment of their long-term vision. Our Board Advisory services will help translate Board’s vision and direction into measurable actions and co-own results.

Culture Of Excellence

Excellence in operations, people and process execution is a clear need in the new normal and hence organizations need to focus on building an overall ‘culture of excellence’. Early adopters of Business Excellence models like Malcom Baldrige have seen benefits of building a culture of excellence that run through the whole organization.

NxtPractice will work with clients to build bespoke Excellence Models most suited to the organization and stay engaged through the implementation cycle. Institutionalizing these best practices and making people self-reliant in creating and nurturing Excellence is at the core of such an implementation.

Business Transformation

Sustained growth requires leveraging fast changing contexts in technology, consumer behavior or global business realignments. Such transformation requires visualizing the future and navigating the various business components to that future – while running the existing business.

Typically, business transformation would involve looking at market trends, formulating a bold growth strategy, aligning the organization structure and transforming core processes to execute with an enabled leadership team.


Leadership, at the core, continues to be about creating the right organization – VISION , VALUES and CULTURE and demonstrating them through effective styles, behaviors and competencies. We help organizations develop the vision, values and culture and facilitate the process of inculcating them across the organization.

Most importantly we help create the roadmap for becoming a value driven organization through constant reviews and renewals.

At NxtPractice we believe that leadership is not just at the top, it is distributed across various levels in the organization starting from the empowered frontline work teams to first line managers to people managers right up to executive management. We also believe that stronger the leadership at the bottom, greater is the engagement and the capabilities to speedily respond to customers/market. This also cascades up the leadership effectiveness at the higher levels creating a high performing organization. We help develop bespoke, experiential, workplace learning programs to build leadership strength at the various levels of impact in organizations.

NxtPractice through its community of experienced coaches and mentors across the country offers one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring services and accelerates the leadership process in organizations. Organizations also feel the need to build the culture of coaching for the greater benefit of all. To meet this important need we help people managers become barefoot coaches and become more adept at creating an enabling climate for their people to engage and perform.


Environment, Social and Governance practices rank high in what the world increasingly looks at when evaluating businesses. Responsible stewardship of the business towards strengthening corporate governance and improving environmental and societal impact is the key to long term sustenance.

Equally important is the whole domain of CSR – from a strategic plan around CSR to policy and practice of CSR programs consistent with the nature of one’s business. Monitoring and evaluation of CSR programs call for next set of practices that go beyond compliance, all the way to the philosophy and beliefs around authentic Social Responsibility.

NxtPractice ESG group specialists have vast experience in Sustainability, CSR Policy advisory, CSR implementation advise and audits, Risk Identification & Management, Compliance assurance, Diversity and Inclusion, Grievance handling, POSH, Environmental impact assessment and roadmaps.


Vish Iyer comes with rich multi-disciplinary experiences across industries and geographies, including the IT Industry from 1991, with significant experiences in market leaders like TCS, IBM, Godrej etc. in India and overseas.
P S Srinivasan has over four decades of HR experience spanning across versatile industries such as mining, engineering, automobile, hospitality, consumer durables, IT and education. He has held leadership positions with global leaders like IBM, Whirlpool, ITC , TVS and VDO-SIEMENS with job responsibilities at global, regional and country levels.
Raghavan is a post graduate in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and brings many years of experience in many Indian and Global organizations like Voltas, Madras Cements, Carrier Corporation, Ingram Micro, NIIT and Bhartiya Urban. He has held CEO roles for over 20 years.

Panel of Experts

Strategic IT, Global Market experiences, General Management
Business Unit responsibility, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Product Management
Leadership experiences in Manufacturing, R&D and Supply Chain across Pharma and Medical equipment industries in India, US and Europe.
Higher Ed and Ed-Tech expertise in both Academia and Corporate enterprises, including many successful start-ups
Big box retail, e-commerce and Consumer Electronics, with specialized focus on product, people, processes and distribution.
HR Analytics, Strategic HR, High Performance Systems
Business Controls, process optimization, Acquisition Integration
Frontline Leadership, employee engagement, Industrial relations
Social Scientist, CSR, Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion
Governance, Risk and Compliance, Project Management at significant scale
Chartered Accountant, Expertise in legal matters of leading banks, financial institutions and GCC markets

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